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Hello! I am Noelia Surribas, freelance translator.


Here is a brief outline of my professional trajectory:


In 2010 I graduated in Translation and Interpreting at the University of Vigo (Spain). Since then I have taken a Master’s degree in Specialised Translation as well as other specialised courses to improve my professional skills. Additionally, I am a sworn translator of English-Galician / Galician-English authorised by the Regional Government of Galicia (Spain).

My mother tongues are Spanish and Galician. Professionally I work with English and German. In order to improve my linguistic and cultural skills in the languages I work with I have lived in countries such as United States, United Kingdom, Germany or Austria. At present I live in Spain.

My main activities include scientific and technical translation as well as website and software localisation. I also subtitle audio-visual materials and proofread translations and other texts. During my several years of experience I have worked in-house and freelancing. In this time I have translated more than 4.5 million words for translation agencies, specialised companies and private customers.


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My first job as a freelance translator around mid-2011 consisted in localising the website of the European project ECOPORIO, the first online shop for official Ecolabel products. Since then, thanks to this and many other projects my awareness and concern with sustainability have been gradually increasing to the point of wanting to specialise in this field and, in doing so, making my own small contribution to a better world.


In a moment of permanent innovation, we can see how computer, technology and industry developments are not only changing the world, but also society and even languages. As a technical translator and localiser, my job is inherently bound to such developments. In this respect, it is paramount to keep up to date, to pursue life-long education and to reinvent yourself, my three cornerstones of act


Within this globalized world cooperation has become easier and more pressing than ever. New technologies have led to this situation, which might not be as bad as it seems. The existing hyperconnection allows us to collaborate with people and companies anywhere. On the basis of trust and commitment, together we can mitigate our shortcomings and develop our virtues to encourage new and better ideas and opportunities.

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